Questions that a lot of people like to ask

When I get started with Giving Forward, what are the expenses that I will convert into income in this system ?


Starting to make money on the platform “Giving Forward” will have only 2 important things:

    1. How can I apply various expenses in my daily life through the Giving Forward system?

    2. Changing behavior from the original Used to pay coins and paper money to pay through the application or online system of “Giving Forward”.


If you can do these 2 things, earning from your daily life expenses will begin immediately.

This article would like to give an example of the daily expenditure of most people who can be applied to pay through “Giving Forward”.

To make it clear that These costs We all already have one another Therefore, everyone can be at ease, of course.


Expenses from the buyer of food items, necessary stuff at department stores or convenience stores


If you like ordering products online from “Lazada


Monthly expenses from using your mobile phone or the Internet


The cost of refueling and gas


Expenses from using electricity or water


Expenses from the purchaser of food items, necessary stuff from department stores or convenience stores


Spending at stores that take part in the system, placing a QR Code label, “Father brings richness” of “Giving Forward”





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