Innovation 6.0 | Sharing Economic System

Why did we create the 6.0 innovation?

The answer is to discuss the problems that Industry 5.0 has created. Where most people are inattentive and unexpected.

The fact that many of the world’s biggest corporations have invested heavily to build Platform Application Software Robot and Ai to replace human beings.

In various professions Causing an impact on the unemployment problem Affect the income of workers.

When the world moves in a direction that will make Giving Forward is looking for a solution to this problem to make those unemployed with income or the elderly who are still in good health but don’t work and earn income.

This is the problem that needs to be solved and in 2017 Giving Forward has successfully designed innovation 6.0, we give it a name. This innovation says

“Sharing Economic System”

We built a robot platform and Ai for free. For everyone to apply Earn yourself income from everyday expenses. Making people with work or unemployed can earn money every day From eating to using what is necessary in life.


What problems can innovation 6.0 solve?

Have attended a seminar Teachers to write the things that are problematic in life. Who are facing what is?

When finished writing, the instructor asked if we had enough money. What problems are written to be solved?

What is surprising is Almost every problem is written on the list of everyone who attended the seminar. Can be fixed by spending money.


Therefore innovation 6.0 Sharing Economic System will not be indirect But will focus directly on the source That will be able to resolve almost all problems in human life is.

Set a goal for everyone who is logged in. Can have enough income for daily life. Which we call “Daily Pension”.

The sharing economy is a platform that can be shared by people. Able to come to work and generate a daily income that will be sent every morning on time.


Imagine that if you earn enough income for each day’s expenditures. From the sharing economy every morning on time, what will your life be like?

And if everyone can do the same having enough income every day, what problems do you think can be solved?

The sharing economy is designed to support expansion in all countries of the world. If people in each country have enough incomes every day, what national or international problems do you think can be solved?


The root cause is that humans need an income every day because there are expenditures waiting every day and if they are not enough, many problems will arise from the community, society, country and world levels.

Solving the problem from the source is create a system that makes Humans have enough money every day. Will solve many problems from community, society, country and world level


Ideally, the sharing economy solves many problems if everyone on the planet comes together to help each other but in the real world We cannot assign everyone in the world to join.

Therefore, hoping that the giving forward sharing-economy will be one option that will resolve economic problems, unemployment problems, aging society or others in a stable and sustainable way


What does Innovation 6.0 give us ?

Bring the expenses of everyday life to turn them into income.

Bring the expenses to create your own business.

Build a business and get a daily return on time, delivered every morning on time.

Income has no ceiling. You want ten hundred thousand hundred thousand or millions, depending on you. Can be customized, just eat, use and tell friends according to the marketing plan designed by the system.


How does Innovation 6.0 work ?

The main function of the system is to share the profits distributed to the members of the system every day.

The profit is derived from the merchant who sells their products / services in the system and shares the discount with Giving Forward.

Giving Forward brings profits to be distributed and shared with buyers and other stakeholders. According to the marketing plan

Let the Robot help you calculate .. Do the loop .. repeat the same like this .. Every day ..

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