Synergize power of expenses cost, Generate income.

Refers to the gathering of people with a heart to share. For the purpose Together to make money “For each other

Using the platform “The Sharing Economic System” is a tool.

All members participating in the system are considered partners with common ownership. Eat, use at any store in the system, be it online or scan QR code at the storefront, you can receive profit-sharing from that store immediately. Gift forward platform is a common source for entrepreneurs, product owners, manufacturers. And buyers who use a small share to create a mutual benefit.


Every country has two basic elements of the shared economy.

1. Every country already has merchants and sellers.

2. Every country already has people That spend buy food drink and necessary stuff every day.


Traditionally, the two existing things were “separate, different, Isolate” when adding a third component: the Sharing Economic System “Giving Forward”.

Will cause the unification of the store and the gathering of the buyer members, thus creating a unifying power create income distribution in all participating countries.


Which shop has a Giving Forward sign that you are a partner ?

When you join as a Giving Forward member where did you go, and found a shop with a gift forward sign?

You can spend and generate income immediately. Regardless of in any country where Giving forward is ready for business.


Expanding the Giving Forward platform to the world in the future.

From today on and in the future, unemployment problems, aging social problems, natural disasters will increase, unpredictable factors such as epidemics or war, all the above factors are damaging to the economy in every country.

The future is predicted People will have more difficulties. As the world enters the full industrial revolution 5.0, it is an era where robots can work for humans. Almost every field of career.

Because we understand that basically changing expenses back to income Is needed by the people of every country Everyone wants to increase their income, cut expenses, take advantage of existing expenses.

Every country has all the basic elements awaiting – entrepreneurs, merchants and shoppers – just when the revenue sharing platform will open for business.

Giving Forward plans to expand the platform Sharing economy to grow in Asian countries first and then expand to other regions.

We sincerely hope that Robot Ai automation and Giving Forward’s sharing economy platform will bring more income to all members. To be happier and benefit society in every country.


Assumption of 1% energize

One country .. How many shops do you have?? How much is the population??

Many countries .. How many stores are there in total?? How much is the population together??

All countries .. How many stores are there in total?? How much is the population together??


Let’s just start at 1% of the number of stores in each country. Join us and 1% of the population in each country. Join us!

Daily income generating power Distributed to members around the world will occur more clearly and more in the future. Because in the old past Everyone already has expenses, I eat it every day.

Just take that Who used to spend money on the same things that already exist Come to change the payment channel through Giving Forward, the income will occur immediately.


Join us .. A big market with stores from all countries .. That share hearts from sellers and buyers .. It is energy driving .. To give happiness to everyone ..

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