Daily Pension

Daily Pension

Round Date 13 September 2021

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Daily Pension per person

Total Cumulative Year 2020

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Why build “Daily pension system”?

Because we understand that everyone is born to work. Must make a living for any kind of living.

And humans are not machines When working continuously for a long time, it is necessary to enter the rest period. As the body ages Health wears down over time.

When it comes to retiring to rest There will be two types of people.


1. Good preparation for finance Have enough savings or manage investment funds To use In the period after retirement Or people who are pensioners working for the government continuously for more than 25 years, this group of people are people who have income from what is prepared to create from working age. Some people may live a long time in retirement age 20-30 years, the savings will be enough or not used. In that retirement age It depends on the cost of each individual. Which is considered the population of this first group of the population of the world.


2. People who are not pensioners Not financially ready or any investment Is a group of people working in the private sector, labor-contracting groups or as business owners That are in the business risk cycle at all times the undeniable fact is that this second group is the majority of the world’s population.


That means Most of the world’s people do not have the money or they have it, but they are not enough. When it comes to retirement age from work or when the private sector is terminated Therefore having to leave the job reluctantly.

Some governments in the world manage their pension funds well. Considered good Some countries are unable to adequately manage their pension. And that is even more unfortunate. Replacing human labor with automation, Robot, Ai and IoT.


Why technology so it affects the pension system?

Because most government pension funds in the world use the money of working young people. Send to retired old people. It is a turnover of the next generation. Forward to each other today, you are a young person working to send money to funds the fund will take the money you send into that fund. Paid to the elderly waiting to receive pension Because those old people when they were young people, they also sent money to the fund like this. This cycle will work well if young people of all ages have jobs and income. But this cycle will collapse. If a young person does not have a job Because humans were replaced by robots.


When most people in the future are laid off the pension fund would collapse. Government agencies cannot help. This is because the income from taxation is lower because the rate of unemployment is higher than many workers. When most people in society have no income Cannot spend anything the economy collapsed so.


For all the above reasons!!

Giving Forward therefore created the Platform Robot and Ai together to be The “sharing economy” is a free and accessible alternative to everyone, to bring our robots and AI to produce a daily pension that you can use. Created from the expenses of everyday life that everyone on this planet Had it already Making everyone who has jobs and no work Can create a pension for themselves as well.


What do I need to do in order to receive a daily pension from Giving Forward?

Study the Giving Forward business information to gain understanding and confidence.

Download the app and register for free, AndroidiOS.

Bring the cost of everyday life Spending through merchants in the gift forward system.

Change behavior Paying with Coins with Banknote Come to pay through the Giving Forward application.

Share knowledge Share information Distribute Giving Forward information to interested people.


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