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Today, the world has entered the industrial 5.0 era utilizing automation technology, Robot, AI, IT, Platform and many more across all industries. Often you will hear stories of creating a robot or artificial intelligence to replace human beings in different occupations. We believe that by 2025, all industries will have a significant reduction in human employment. This will lead to serious economic crises in many nations around the world where robots work for humans. There will be neither employment, nor occupation, nor income from work.


What should people do?

Where will they get the money to spend?


Giving Forward has created Platform, Robot and AI allowing individuals to generate new revenue again by using the expenses incurred in their daily lives and turn them into revenue.    Expenses are regarded as energies which naturally manifest themselves every day in our lives.  Natural energies such as sunlight, wind or water have been converted into energies, so the powerful Giving Forward system that converts the expenses of people that incur naturally into revenue.  


The global economy has lost its equilibrium due to the replacement of human labor with robots and AI in the industrial age 5.0.


Giving Forward, therefore, invented the Innovation 6.0 to help solve this issue by combining the knowledge of technology and economics to produce a Platform, Robot, and AI and to enable people to utilize them and recover their revenues.   “Sharing economic System” is an intelligent way to bring the global economy back into balance.

Giving Forward Ideology

Create platforms, robots and AI that belong to all users of the system and share profits with each other. 

It is a business that helps, sacrifices, and shares happiness with each other.

Use a principle of “Every little giving and sharing” to create an income sharing for everyone who participates in the system.   

It also helps to create a stable and long-term income from the expenditures that every person in the world has ever had.




1. Create a system of profit sharing, revenue sharing every day in a transparent, accurate, and precise manner.

Giving Forward was created with a strong purpose of sharing profits that incur every day in the system and are shared with everyone who involves in the system as income in a transparent, accurate, and precise manner.    Revenue sharing will be done in a timely manner by the system each morning, regardless of where the members are.


2. Create a “Public Sector Daily Pension” that anyone can create from the expenses in their daily lives. 

At present, many countries in the world are using the system to create pensions for individuals by injecting money to accumulate in the pension fund system.

The pension will be provided as retirement compensation and, in some countries, a lump-sum payment will be made after retirement.


The two forms of pension referred to above are both motivated by the infusion of money and accumulate in the fund.    This means that people have to have a job to earn an income to be able to inject money into the fund.      Giving Forward anticipated that Robot and AI will be able to work significantly as a human substitute in the future.    Due to competitive costs, it is therefore necessary for entrepreneurs or business owners to use modern tools as a human substitute.      In doing so, it leads to mass unemployment.    When someone is unemployed, there is no revenue to be paid into the pension fund.    As a result, the fund is finally unable to pay that person a retirement pension.


One of the missions of Giving Forward Innovation 6.0 consists of creating a system that generates a daily pension for its members by neither injecting nor accumulating money into a fund as the previous method, but by creating the nature of everyone’s consumption, such as eating and buying goods or services.    It is therefore a smart way to create retreats in a sustainable way in the industrial era of tomorrow.


3. Turning good deeds into business with the conviction that “The more you give, the more you get”. The more good deeds you make, the richer you become.

As we all know in the traditional world, if we are to have a good life or a rich life, we must constantly rival and conquer.   Giving Forward creates a new alternative in the sharing economy. The more you share, the more you richer, the more you happier.


4. Create peace for the entire world

By joining the sharing economy system, expenses will be recycled as income, providing a new form of income in addition to regular income from work.    By doing this, people around the world will be able to generate their own revenue instantaneously.    When people earn better incomes, social problems will gradually decrease.    Thus, all communities, societies and countries around the globe will be more peaceful places to live.


January 2017

Giving Forward Co., Ltd. was established in Bangkok – Thailand on January 9, 2017 by The Chairman of the Company – Mr. Chanchan Lavangkoolphasit, the innovator of Innovation 6.0 and a group of founders intend to generate a new form of revenue for the future age.    The goal is to help solve the problem of serious unemployment caused by the substitution of human labor with robots and AI in the industrial 5.0 era.

September 2017

The license was granted from relevant government agencies and the Office of the Consumer Protection Board to launch and run its operations.

January 2018

The first service of Sharing Economic System was launched in Thailand on 5 January 2018.    Since the launch to date, more than 100 million Baht profits (information from December 2020) have been shared with its members each morning.      This is a strong proof of concept that profits can be literally shared amongst its members.

August 2018

A certificate of authenticity operator – Office of the Consumer Protection Board was granted by the Minister for the Office of the Prime Minister on 29 August 2018.    The certificate is to confirm that the business operations of Giving Forward were conducted under the strict supervision of governmental agencies.

 January 2021

Since the system is in place and efficient, Giving Forward has the confidence to expand the service of the Sharing Economic System to its neighboring countries driving primarily in Asian countries.    The objective is to create an income sharing based on people’s expenses in each country.



Business Conduct with a good governance

To conduct a business in an appropriate manner, the business must adhere to the principles of accuracy and fairness.   Therefore, founders, executives and employees at all levels embrace and follow the principles of good governance as follows:

Conduct fully legal, transparent, and verifiable business in all countries. 

Registering, enforcing, and obtaining appropriate licenses in all operating countries, conducting business using laws as specified by the government to ensure accuracy, transparency, and auditing.

Drive the system with a Win-Win business model

Create a mechanism that drives the Sharing Economic System as self-driven system and obtain “Win-Win” benefits in all relevant areas of the sectors in the system, including merchants, purchasing members, business alliances, and system builders.

When all sectors succeed together, it enhances the system to be sustainable and stable in the long term.

Share Robot and AI technology so everyone can access and utilize it

Giving Forward has always been committed to continually developing technologies so that its partakers can use the system and benefit from it in their daily lives.  In addition, the system offers everyone an opportunity to access the system freely.

Adhere to social responsibility

Focus on developing modern technologies to make a difference in people, communities, societies, and countries.  These changes will help promote greater quality and happiness in life.

Philosophy of Sharing Economic System

Starting from sharing discounts that the merchants can offer, or what members can contribute by using certain things that occur naturally to drive the Sharing Economic System.

Everyone has expenses that are incurred every day in his or her everyday life…. bring those expenses incurred to generate revenue for themselves. 

Synergize the purchasing power of members and synergize the discounting power of merchants.

The system records and summarizes the benefits of all commercial transactions, then converts the benefits into revenues and shares revenues for all.    Create an income as a daily pension from the day-to-day consumption of each person.    That is easy enough for everyone to do so.    When everyone can do so, they will have income……. then communities, societies, countries, and the whole world will be pleased.

In other words, the Sharing Economic System is stable and durable because it is not motivated by technological flows but it is impelled by natural energies and by the heart of sharing.    Consequently, it is not stay in technology disruption stream.  It’s called “Undisruptable Life”.


Giving Foundation

Helping society is the foundation of Giving Forward’s highest aspiration.   After building the Sharing Economic system, the founders have jointly established the Giving Foundation, a nonprofit organization.  The objective is to help and create more benefits for the society.    Giving Foundation aims to take part to address and help solve social problems not only those related to the economy, or well- being but also to income.    Giving Foundation nevertheless provides food donations for community members regularly and participates in various incidents occurring in society.


Giving Meditation

It is a universal meditation and non-profit course available to the public.    It focuses on being mindful, knowing oneself, knowing one’s thoughts and feelings.

It also focuses on knowing how to manage one’s emotions, knowing the nature of oneself and the nature of those around one’s self.

Once one understands this, he or she will be able to face and manage any challenge that comes to life.    This is because true happiness in life does not come from others, but it is one who makes it happen either happiness or sadness. 

Therefore, if one knows how to live happily in any circumstances or challenges that enter one’s life, he or she will find happiness no matter where he or she is. 

There is a short-term training for 2-3 days for beginners and 1-2 weeks long-term for those who have already taken the course to increase their understanding to the next level.

Management Team


Mr. Danupong Pattanaphol


Chief Executive Officer

Acting Chief Strategy Officer

Authorized Director


Miss Channapat Sitkusodaw

Vice President

Authorized Director


Mr. Prot Pattakaree

Managing Director

Chief Technology Officer

Authorized Director

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