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What we do ?

We Create platforms, robots and AI that belong to all users of the system and share profits with each other. 

It is a business that helps, sacrifices, and shares happiness with each other.

Use a principle of “Every little giving and sharing” to create an income sharing for everyone who participates in the system.   

It also helps to create a stable and long-term income from the expenditures that every person in the world has ever had.

Synergize power of expenses cost, Generate income.

Refers to the gathering of people with a heart to share. For the purpose Together to make money “For each other

Using the platform “The Sharing Economic System” is a tool.

All members participating in the system are considered partners with common ownership. Eat, use at any store in the system, be it online or scan QR code at the storefront, you can receive profit-sharing from that store immediately. Gift forward platform is a common source for entrepreneurs, product owners, manufacturers. And buyers who use a small share to create a mutual benefit.

Total profit-sharing to members

On September 2021

Profit-sharing given to members

Profits Shared to members

Since January 2018 until now

Total profit-sharing already given members


Today, the world has entered the industrial 5.0 era utilizing automation technology, Robot, AI, IT, Platform and many more across all industries. Often you will hear stories of creating a robot or artificial intelligence to replace human beings in different occupations. We believe that by 2025, all industries will have a significant reduction in human employment. This will lead to serious economic crises in many nations around the world where robots work for humans. There will be neither employment, nor occupation, nor income from work.


What should people do?

Where will they get the money to spend?


Giving Forward has created Platform, Robot and AI allowing individuals to generate new revenue again by using the expenses incurred in their daily lives and turn them into revenue.    Expenses are regarded as energies which naturally manifest themselves every day in our lives.  Natural energies such as sunlight, wind or water have been converted into energies, so the powerful Giving Forward system that converts the expenses of people that incur naturally into revenue.  


The global economy has lost its equilibrium due to the replacement of human labor with robots and AI in the industrial age 5.0.


Giving Forward, therefore, invented the Innovation 6.0 to help solve this issue by combining the knowledge of technology and economics to produce a Platform, Robot, and AI and to enable people to utilize them and recover their revenues.   “Sharing economic System” is an intelligent way to bring the global economy back into balance.

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Why should you join with us ?

  • reduce your expenses, increase your income
  • Looking for pensions used After retirement to use comfortably
  • Make money from expenses that is already pays every day
  • Start your own business earn millions without having to sell things
  • Create an inheritance as a daily income for your children
  • Unemployed or looking for work and want to have an income

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